Win a FREE website for your local Cape Cod business

My company New Cape Media is currently holding a contest where we are giving away three free websites to local Cape Cod businesses. Check out the contest blog post for more information.

02. May 2012 by Andreas Miller
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A lot going on!

This has been a busy few months for me. In the beginning of this year I started my first real business, Lucid Home Control. At Lucid Home Control we install TVs, home theaters, multi-room music, home control systems, home networking and more.

I am also working on a telecom start-up called NuRoam which won first place last year at Cape Cod Entrepreneurs’ Weekend. I took a break from this for the last couple of months as I had too much going on but am now hard at work again and am hoping to have a new website up in the next few weeks. My co-founder is going on a trip to Spain at the end of this week which will give us the chance to test the prototype further.

I also started a third new business last week called New Cape Media. New Cape Media develops websites for local businesses and also provides online and offline marketing services. We are currently having a contest where we are giving away three websites to deserving local businesses. You can find out more on our website.

01. May 2012 by Andreas Miller
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